Norditropin by Novo Nordisk is a widespread treatment for growth hormone deficiency. Hormones play a crucial part in the way the body works. Each hormone has a particular job to do, and a unique reason for doing that job.

What is Norditropin Used For

Norditropin by Novo Nordisk is a widespread treatment for growth hormone deficiency. Hormones play a crucial part in the way the body works. Each hormone has a particular job to do, and a unique reason for doing that job.

Hormones travel to the designated tissue or organ via the bloodstream to send the message they were designed to send to make the bodywork better. The growth hormone, naturally created in the pituitary gland, enables the body to grow.

The human growth hormone also assists the body through certain metabolic processes. It sends a signal to the liver to release another hormone, namely IGF-1. Together IGH-1 and growth hormone work to tell the cells in bones, muscles, organs, and tissues to develop and grow.

Why do adults use Norditropin

Norditropin injections should be used by adults with growth hormone deficiency. More specifically, HGH injections may be recommended for adults who:

  • Have growth hormone deficiencies
  • Have pituitary disease
  • Have hypothalamic disease
  • Were growth hormone deficient as children due to congenital, idiopathic or acquired reasons

Norditropin is available by prescription only

How to use Norditropin pen. Dosage and Administration

The Norditropin pen makes it easy to get your daily shot. Here are some important points about it.

Norditropin Dosage

Your dosage will be determined by your prescribing physician. The dose may vary depending on lab results, weight, and response to the medication. It is very important to continue with all follow-up appointments with your physician to monitor progress and to allow for any adjustments that may be needed.

Norditropin is available in preloaded pens:

• 5 mg/1.5 mL (orange): Norditropin FlexPro pen

• 10 mg/1.5 mL (blue): Norditropin FlexPro pen

• 15 mg/1.5 mL (green): Norditropin FlexPro pen

• 30 mg/3 mL (purple): Norditropin FlexPro pen

Dosing for Adult patients either of two approaches to injection dosing may be followed: a non-weight-based regimen or a weight-based regimen.

Non-weight based — based on published consensus guidelines, a starting dose of approximately 0.2 mg/day (range, 0.15-0.30 mg/day) may be used without consideration of body weight. This dose can be increased gradually every 1 to 2 months by increments of approximately 0.1-0.2 mg/day.

According to individual patient requirements based on the clinical response and serum insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) concentrations. The dose should be decreased as necessary on the basis of adverse events and/or serum IGF-I concentrations above the age- and gender-specific normal range. Maintenance dosages vary considerably from person to person, and between male and female patients.

Weight-based — based on the dosing regimen used in the original adult GHD registration trials, the recommended dosage at the start of treatment is not more than 0.004 mg/kg/day. The dose may be increased to not more than 0.016 mg/kg/day after approximately 6 weeks according to individual patient requirements.

Clinical response, side effects, and determination of age- and gender-adjusted serum IGF-I concentrations should be used as guidance in dose titration.

Norditropin Administration

  • The Norditropin FlexPro comes preloaded with medicine; no mixing required
  • Always visually check that the medicine is clear in the window before administering your shot. If the window is anything but clear, notify your pharmacist or physician
  • Open a needle and screw on to the end of the FlexPro pen
  • It is necessary to prime the FlexPro pen before the first use by turning the dial one click and pushing the button. Repeat this process until a drop of medicine appears from the needle. You only have to do this before using the first time
  • Choose your injection site and clean it with an alcohol pad. Norditropin is injected subcutaneously. Injection sites include the backs of the upper arm, the stomach area, buttocks, and thighs. Speak with your physician on which sites he or she would like for you to use
  • Turn the dial on the pen until the dose prescribed by your doctor lines up with the arrow
  • Insert the needle into the injection site as instructed by your health professional. It is important to rotate sites from one injection to the next
  • Push on the button to dispense the medication, making sure that the dosage window shows zero
  • Count slowly to six before removing the needle from your skin
  • Make sure the needle is disposed of properly

Norditropin Storage

Norditropin must be refrigerated prior to priming the FlexPro pen. Once the pen has been primed, you may either refrigerate or store the pen at room temperature. Medication must be disposed of after 21 days if stored at room temperature and 28 days if kept in the refrigerator.

While the thought of injecting oneself daily may be overwhelming, many find that their Norditropin injections soon become an easy part of their daily routine. The FlexPro pen is designed to be easy to use, easy to store, and easy to transport. Do not hesitate to contact your physician or pharmacist with any questions or concerns you may have over your prescription.

Norditropin Injections Side Effects and Benefits

There are many benefits of growth hormone injections, such as muscle gain, better immunity, and less anxiety. The list of Norditropin benefits is quite long, but these listed benefits will give you an idea of the positive effects of this therapy. They include:

  • More energy
  • Better stamina
  • Improved libido
  • Better mental acuity
  • Improved focusing ability
  • More energy
  • Less joint pain
  • Better sleep
  • Stronger nails
  • Loss of body fat
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Better skin elasticity
  • More physical strength

Side Effects of Using Norditropin

Norditropin as any other hormonal treatment has its side effects. Some of them have impacts that will last for a shorter period, and others take a longer time. Long-term side effects include:

  • Cancerous growths and tumor return
  • The increment of pressure in the skull
  • High level of blood sugar
  • Vital allergic reactions
  • The cortisol hormone reduces
  • The level of thyroid hormone decreases
  • Children experience pain at hip and knee or limp
  • The pre-existing curvature of the spine worsen
  • Patients with Turner syndrome get infections in the middle
  • In the area of skin injection, there is redness, itching and tissue weakness

Some of them do not necessarily require medical attention. The impacts may disappear during the treatment time as the body adjusts to the medicines. Also, the doctors will inform with precautions measurements of how to deter or reduce the side effects. In case the side effect continues, seek the attention of your doctor.

If you would like to have more information about growth hormone therapy with Norditropin or any other type of treatment, please complete our contact form. After that our medical expert will call you back and answer all your questions, and it’s all confidential.


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