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Dopram-V (Doxapram) is used to increase the respiratory rate in patients with respiratory failure. It may be useful in the treatment of respiratory depression in patients who have taken excessive dosages of medications like buprenorphine or fentanyl analogues and have failed to respond to naloxone therapy.



Where to Buy Dopram-V Injection (Doxapram Hydrochloride) Online

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Why Buy Dopram-V Injection

Dopram-V (doxapram hydrochloride) is a potent respiratory stimulant. It is unique in its ability to stimulate respiration at dosages considerably below those required to evoke cerebral cortical stimulation.
Docapram minimizes or prevents the undesirable effect of post-anesthetic respiratory depression or hypoventilation and hastens recovery.

For cats, dogs and horses
– To stimulate respiration during and after general anesthesia
– To speed awakening and return of reflexes after anesthesia

For neonate dogs and cats
– To initiate respirations following dystocia or cesarean section
– To stimulate respirations following dystocia or cesarean section


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