MV CHINFIELD is constituted by an association of a respiratory stimulant and an specific corrector of anoxia of cardiac muscle.

It acts stimulating directly the respiratory center and the saturation grade of hemoglobin, that is why it acts against fatigue.

MV CHINFIELD increases the volume of inspired air in a progressive form, and its effect endures several hours. It is absolutely innocuous, it has no secondary
reactions, and may be administered every time it is necessary without becoming accustomed.

MV CHINFIELD is always used as a prophylactic of straw, shaving bed, because those and several allergens may produce allergic reactions in sensitive horses.
Indications: Cardiac anoxia. Respiratory depression and when volume of inspired air is wanted to be increased. To reduce fatigue produced by great physical effort. To avoid effort hemorrhages.

Components of MV Chinfield

  • Sodium succinate
    In the form of succinate anion, it intervenes in the Krebs cycle, reducing the flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD), a coenzyme, and thus allowing the generation of energy by oxidative phosphorylation, following the transfer of electrons to intermediates in the electron transport chain , According to the following reaction:
  • UTP (Uridine triphosphate or uridine 5′-triphosphate, ) : Energy synonym for runningThis molecule is found in all living beings, in which its main metabolic role is to serve as a substrate for the synthesis of RNA during transcription.UTP can also be used by the cell as an energy source, as well as serving as a substrate in several metabolic reactions, in the same way as ATP although with a higher specificity. Thus, the UTP can bind to other molecules, activating them for a certain metabolic pathway, forming UDP-substrate molecules with the consequent release of an inorganic phosphate.The UDP-glucose molecule, for example, is necessary for the synthesis of glycogen. Similarly, UTP is used to activate galactose in the metabolic pathway that assimilates it, converting it into UDP-glucose. UDP-glucuronate is used to conjugate bilirubin to a more water-soluble compound, bilirubin diglucuronate.
  • Destination Species: 

    Sport equines and camels.

    Posology 10 ml. once or more times per day, according to necessity. Slow IV injection

    Presentation: Ampoule bottle x 50 ml.



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