Depocillin 300 mg/ml Suspension for injection


Depocillin 300 mg/ml Suspension for injection
A sterile, injectable aqueous white to off-white suspension containing 300 mg/ml Procaine Benzylpenicillin PhEur. Preservative methylparahydroxybenzoate 1.1 mg/ml.
The treatment of infections caused by bacteria sensitive to penicillin in horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats.
Dosage and administration
Horses and cattle
12 mg per kg bodyweight, by intramuscular injection.
Sheep and pigs
15 mg per kg bodyweight, by intramuscular injection.
Dogs and cats
30 mg per kg bodyweight (1 ml per 10 kg bodyweight) by subcutaneous administration.
500 kg – 20 ml
500 kg – 20 ml
 50 kg – 2.5 ml
 50 kg – 2.5 ml
 10 kg – 1 ml
  5 kg – 0.5 ml
Clean the area of the injection site and swab with spirit. Shake well before use.
Treatment may be repeated at intervals of 24 hours for up to 5 administrations. For organisms highly susceptible to penicillin, such as Streptococcus dysgalactiae in sheep, treatment may be repeated at 48 hour intervals for up to 3 administrations.
Do not inject more than 20 ml per injection site in cattle.
Do not inject more than 5 ml per injection site in pigs and sheep.
Depocillin 300 mg/ml Suspension for injection
Contra-indications, warnings, etc
Not to be administered to animals sensitive to penicillin.
Not to be used in rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or gerbils. Caution is advised in its use in other small herbivores.
Not effective against beta-lactamase-producing organisms.
Occasionally in sucking and fattening pigs, administration of products containing procaine penicillin may cause a transient pyrexia, vomiting, shivering, listlessness and incoordination. Additionally in pregnant sows and gilts, a vulval discharge which could be associated with abortion has been reported.
Not recommended for intravenous or intrathecal administration.
Occasional allergies to penicillin have been observed but they are very rare.
Antagonism between the product and bacteriostatic preparations may occur. Resistant bacteria, particularly gram-negative, that show a cross-resistance with other beta-lactams might occur.
Withdrawal periods
Milk for human consumption must not be taken during treatment. Milk for human consumption may be taken only from cows after 11 days (264 hours) from the last treatment.
Not to be used in sheep producing milk intended for human consumption.
Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment. Cattle, pigs and sheep may be slaughtered for human consumption only after 5 days from the last treatment.
Not to be used in horses intended for human consumption.
Treated horses may never be slaughtered for human consumption.
The horse must have been declared as not intended for human consumption under national horse passport legislation.
Operator warnings
Penicillins and cephalosporins may cause hypersensitivity (allergy) following injection, inhalation, ingestion or skin contact. Hypersensitivity to penicillin may lead to cross reactions to cephalosporins and vice versa. Allergic reactions to these substances are occasionally serious.
1Do not handle this product if you know you are sensitised, or if you have been advised not to work with such preparations.
2Handle this product with great care to avoid exposure, taking all recommended precautions.
3If you develop symptoms following exposure, such as a skin rash, you should seek medical advice and show the doctor this warning. Swelling of the face, lips or eyes or difficulty breathing are more serious symptoms and require urgent medical attention.Wash hands after use.
For animal treatment only. Keep out of the sight and reach of children.
Pharmaceutical precautions
Store in a refrigerator at between +2 °C and +8 °C. Do not freeze. Protect from light.
Shake the container well before use.
Following withdrawal of the first dose use the product within 28 days.
Keep container in outer carton.
Dispose of any unused product and empty containers in accordance with guidance from your local waste regulation authority.
Marketing Authorisation Holder 
Intervet International BV, NL.
Represented by Intervet UK Ltd.


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