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Ivomec  Gold has a thixotropic formulation and is a 315% solution of Ivermectin MERIAL indicated for treatment control and effective prevention of infections caused by roundworms tick

Ivomec  Gold has a thixotropic formulation and is a 315% solution of Ivermectin MERIAL indicated for treatment control and effective prevention of infections caused by roundworms tick infestation lice sucking lice mites that cause sarcoptic and psoroptic mange of cattle. Ivomec Gold also helps control chewing lice – Bovicola (Damalinia) bovis – and mites that cause chorioptic mange. Ivomec Gold was developed to combine an effective antiparasitic control over established infections / infestations with a preventive antiparasitic effect for up to 8 weeks on round gastrointestinal and pulmonary worms for up to 75 days against the tick and up to 12 weeks on the berne. Ivomec Gold has a unique and patented manufacturing methodology.
Ivermectin immobilizes parasites inducing tonic paralysis of their muscles. This effect occurs due to the stimulus of the opening of chlorine channels existing in the nervous synapses of round worms and in the plaques or neuromuscular buds in arthropods controlled by glutamic acid and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). As a result of the paralysis the parasites die and are eliminated.

Presentation of Ivomec Gold:

Polyethylene vial containing 1,000 mL closed with a perforable rubber stopper sealed with an inviolable aluminum seal and packed in cardboard boxes.

How to use Ivomec Gold:

Ivomec® Gold is a formulation of high efficiency mainly when inserted in a Program of Integrated and Strategic Control of parasites that aims to avoid as much as possible the parasite-host contact preventing infection / infestation and consequently the damages caused by the parasitism. The preventive use of the product is preferable to the only curative use of parasitic infections / infestations since its prophylactic characteristics make it more efficient and with greater return when used strategically.
The recommended dose is 1 mL for every 50 kg of weight administered subcutaneously in front of or behind the palette. Use a sterile 16 gauge needle 15 to 20 mm long. Use aseptic procedures in the application. The product bottle should be shaken before application.

Grace period:

Slaughter: cattle treated with Ivomec Gold can only be slaughtered after 140 days from the date of the last treatment when the meat is intended for human consumption.
Milk: Ivomec  Gold should not be applied to lactating cows.

Warnings for Ivomec Gold:

• Shake the bottle before use.
• Apply only by subcutaneous injection.
• Do not use in dairy cows.
• Empty packaging must be destroyed by incineration and never reused or washed in rivers or weirs.
• Avoid smoking or eating during handling.
• Wash hands after handling.
• Keep this and other medicines out of the reach of children and pets.
• Store away from light in a dry and cool place.

Benefits of Ivomec Gold:

• Greater weight gain anticipating the age of slaughter and the entry of animals into reproduction.
• Pastures that are cleaner for longer by roundworm larvae when Ivomec  Gold is used in an Integrated Strategic Parasitic Control Program for cattle.
• Time and labor savings in tick control: Ivomec  Gold keeps the bovine tick under control within the expected percentage (95% to 99%) for up to 75 days after application. Ivomec  Gold significantly affects the reproductive potential of tick females that eventually escape treatment by decreasing the egg laying of the parasite and affecting the hatching of these eggs which over time reduces pasture infestation and reinfestation rates. Due to an efficient preventive control of the tick, less infestation is expected, greater weight gain, better quality leather and reduction of diseases transmitted by the tick.
• Time and labor savings.
• High positive cost-benefit correlation.
• Compatibility with the different types of management normally used on the farm.
• Environmental safety: the Ivermectin eliminated with the feces of the treated animals becomes practically inert in the environment. Photodegradation by sunlight as well as oxidation gradually and rapidly decrease drug concentrations.


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