Peg MGF Peptides 2mg*10vials per kit


Product Specification

Packaging Size 2 mg * 10 vials
Packaging Type KIT
Medicine Type Allopathic
Ester Form Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor(PEG-MGF)
Usage Clinical
Product Type Finished Product
Dosage Form (If Applicable) Injection
Size 10 Ampoules
Sterile Water Capacity 2 ml
Administration Intramuscular or Subcutaneous injection.
Content Vial PEG-MGF (IGF 1Ec) 2mg for IM or SC use. Ampoule 2ml Sterile water for injection.
Storage Store at room temperature away from heat and direct sunlight pre reconstitution. Refrigerate between
Dosage Initial 5 mcg/kg/Day. May increase dose gradually. Max 20 mcg/kg/day.
Adverse Drug Reactions Side effects noted are tiredness, feeling of lethargy, head rush or euphoria.
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Box

Product Description

Long ester version of MGF, responsible for recovery and growth of muscle tissues post strenuous physical activity.

Additional Information

Delivery Time 2 TO 3 DAYS


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