Bio Bleeder Injection



Bio Bleeder injection is safe to apply in all performance horses and racing camels. It has a positive impact on performance and the overall health of the animal it is able to be used as a pre-race in addition to a education aid. This is an all herbal system with out a prohibited materials and no facet effects; it does now no longer swab.

BIO BLEEDER is multi-functional, not only focused on and helping withinside the prevention of bleeding however additionally assisting with restore of capillaries and recuperation of the lungs it has additionally proven to help IAD whilst used as a renovation product


It has an impact lessening impact the excessive transmural strain which ends up in pulmonary capillary strain failure.
Healing capabilities, certainly considered one among that is the restore of the lung partitions which have been broken with repeated strain after difficult education and racing.Bio Bleeder injection

TARAXACUM OFFICINALE – A plant of the own circle of relatives Asteraceae. In research, excessive quantities aqueous of Taraxacum leaf have proven to have diuretic functionality similar to furosemide (lasix).

Since Taraxacum Officinale is likewise a wealthy supply of potassium a few researchers assume that it’s miles able to changing potassium misplaced via dieresis.

MIMOSA PUDICA – This species of plant is observed in South and Central America, it grows in frequently shady regions beneathneath timber and shrubs. Diuretic assessments of aqueous extract of Mimosa Pudica Linn leaves have been evaluated the usage of the Lipschitz take a look at at the managed groups.Bio Bleeder injection

Administration and Dosage

Camel / Horse: 20ml IV or orally eight hours earlier than competition.



BIO BLEEDER – one hundred ML,BIO BLEEDER – one hundred ML,BIO BLEEDER – one hundred ML


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