Bio-Pump Paste 50g


Bio Pump paste is leading the way in strengthening and repairs, utilising advanced combination of selected peptides and amino acids (including L-alanyl glutamine 10, L-leucine 5, L-lysine 3, L-lysine 3, Lisoleucine 3, L-valine, L-threonine 1, L-cysteine 1, L-histidine, L-methionine 0.5, L-tyrosine 0.3, L-tryptophan 0.3, arginine and BCAA) providing the latest supplementation globally.

• Extreme Muscle Strengthening
• Allows the horse to perform at its peak
• Optimal muscle response to every exercise session.
• Fast acting relief from muscular soreness
• Faster and better response to strengthen muscles and joints.
• Fast recovery from stressful performanc


Bio-Pump Paste 50g

Product Information and Key Ingredients Bio-Pump Paste 50g
Bio-Pump Paste 50g is a veterinary formulation of peptides and muscle nutrients to support rapid muscle repair and recovery and increase the muscles response to training. Bio-Pump Paste 50gPromoting uptake of key nutrients demanded by the muscle in the ‘window for recovery’ hours immediately after exercise or racing has been shown to benefit muscle development. BIO PUMP provides the specific array of peptides and amino acids (including glutamine, arginine, lysine, threonine and BCAA) profiled to respond to the signals released during exercise responsibly for specific genetic up-regulation.Bio-Pump Paste 50g

Why does it work?
In the short period after exercise, muscle is primed to reload, repair and build strength. If the raw materials are not immediately available in these first critical hours, enzymes can be released to break down and mobilize nutrients from other cells and divert them to the muscle –This breakdown can last as long as 48 hours – producing a stress response potentially resulting in weight loss, muscle soreness, pain, reduced appetite and dullness. Combined with physical stress of exercise they can compromises replenishment of muscle fuel – delaying recovery and the capacity for further high-intensity exercise. In the presence of the right nutrients, the muscle shifts instead into an anabolic state building strength and mass. Correct replacement strategies stimulate an anabolic effect, improve the muscles capacity to respond to the work, and attenuate the stress response and lead to increase refueling rates – but timing and composition are critical. Supplementing straight after work or racing provides instant anti-oxidants and amino acids – taking advantage of the increased shunting of nutrients into muscle cells that occurs after exercise.

How does it work?
During work, special signaling pathways such as energy levels, oxygen concentration and insulin-growth factor (IGF) activate the protein (mTOR) mTOR has a key role in regulation of metabolism and muscle physiology by regulating genes needed to build strength by protein synthesis and proliferation. Exercise switches on this process however to carry out the muscle building more effectively requires the availability of amino acids in the blood. BIO PUMP ensures these nutrients including arginine, lysine, branched-chain and essential amino acids are ready when the muscle demands them.
The selection of nutrients and the importance of ‘timing’: Straight after exercise, the anabolic capacity of muscle cells is 3 to 4-fold greater than at rest. This effect persists for up to 24 hours but is maximal in the first two hours post-exercise. Strategically timed replacement protocols attenuate the decline in muscle strength and mass and allow rapid recovery to be maintained for up to 8 hours. Supplementing every 30 minutes, the rate of repair and geneticallytriggered increase in muscle cell size and mitochondrial density is 30% higher than when supplementing every 2 hours. (Do you have reference for this as I don’t) If the supplement is delayed several hours the rate of synthesis is reduced 50%.

What does Bio Pump achieve?
BIO PUMP achieves the perfect balance of timing and support – and in all equine endeavours and pursuits, whatever the racing, training or competition schedule, balance is critical for excellence. No matter what discipline, training regime, race program or competition you are in – the muscles of the horse require support. The correct nutritional support at the correct time The complex matrix of responses to the peptides in Bio Pump has a possible synergistic effect, increasing protein building 3-fold over resting levels. Increasing amino acid levels can assist the transition to protein synthesis within the muscle which, when combined with a rapid increase in muscle glycogen, has a significant impact on subsequent exercise performance. The amino acid profile and the array of peptides has been selected to promote the switch in muscle from a catabolic to anabolic state after exercise.

The Product Bio-Pump Paste 50g
Is formulated specifically to support the genes and muscle signaling that stimulate muscle repair and building after exercise in horses.

Side Effects of Bio-Pump Paste 50g?
BIO PUMP is made from peptides and amino acids naturally present in the body. It does not and cannot swab. It is completely Drug and Chemical free and there are no possible side-effects.

Is it Legal in Performance Animals?
BIO PUMP is 100% natural, drug and chemical free. It will not and cannot compromise any performance animal in any event or race it competes. It does not swab.

Size & Availability of Bio-Pump Paste 50g?
Available in 50 gram paste

How often can it be Used Bio-Pump Paste 50g?
BIO PUMP can be used after each exercise session. After racing or hard work when blood flow to the muscles is at its maximum and the muscle is primed and genetically switched on to upload nutrients, BIO PUMP reaches its peak performance.


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