CRAZY CAMEL (POWDER & LIQUID) it´s a powerful stimulant designed for horse and camel racing, allowed in races. The unique formulation of this product (powder and liquid) raises the performance of animals exposed to high demands.
There are 2 versions, liquid (ready to use) and powder (to reconvolve at the time of use).

12 mg of Dexa S.P./ Bottle
3gr Glusocamine / Bottle
0.24 gr Phenylalanine / Bottle
Dosification & Administration for Race – Horses And Camel :
For professional application, read the article about dexa for race, Treat as 0.04 mg/ ml or 0.04% , (Low Dosis dexa S.P.) : Click Here

For safe application pre-race: 5 ml for 5 days IM or IV,
Moderate treatment: 5 ml for 3 days IM or IV,CRAZY CAMEL (POWDER & LIQUID)
Power treatment: 10 ml for 5 days IM or IV,
Minimum treatment time: 1 shot, (1 day)
Maximum treatment time: 5 days (Maximum synergy of product characteristics)
but for Maximun Power for race, the last day : apply Dexametasona 0.08mg/kg IV only, and also apply Furosemide 0.2mg/kg IV only before the 5th hour before the extraction of samples for analysis for detection of drugs, blood and/or urine. Recommended product with furosemide: Diuretic (Chinfield lab) o similary. This technique in some animals can extend the detection of the products, test it before and analyze
Maximun dose : 20 ml IM .Fluvet 10ml
Minimun dose 2 ml IM or IV CRAZY CAMEL (POWDER & LIQUID)
If you have any questions, consult your veterinarian or you can contact us for free advice.


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