NAQUASONE is use For the remedy of exocrine gland hydrops at some stage in the pre and postnatal quantity in farm cows.

Dosage: Inject ten to 20 mL, intramuscularly, consistent with the severity of the edema, and consequently the on pinnacle of indefinite amount is likewise repeated, as directed via way of means of the Veterinarian.
Response to remedy is generally acquired 24-forty eight hours whilst initiation of remedy.
In maximum instances the end result appears in 3-four days, if the answer isn’t glaring amongst three days, it’s suggested to canvass the animal.

Contraindications for NAQUASONE:
Prolonged use, indiscriminate use or excessive dosing of Hexadrol may manufacture component results cherish overlaying of symptoms and symptoms of infection (suppression of inflammation, discount of fever), retardation of convalescence, discount of present day lymphocytes, ability lower in resistance to dexamethasone. microorganism and plant infection.
Improper use and excessive dosages of trichloromethiazide over an prolonged quantity of a while can also additionally produce answer depletion. In animals with intense excretory organ impairment, the management of diuretics which include trichloromethiazide is contraindicated. It is commonly encouraged that the physician confirm if there’s edema-related infection: if any, VZZZZ antimicrobial hospital treatment must be used.

Grace Periods for NAQUASONE:
Milk – Milk from handled animals shouldn’t be ate up until 3 days whilst the final software of this product.

don’t USE IN LAST physiological nation QUARTER (MAY BE applied in LAST five DAYS).

Store in a totally cool, dry place, blanketed towards sunlight, out of attain of youngsters and pets.

Presentation for NAQUASONE :
ten metric potential unit bottles.


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