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SARACIN – analgesic and anti-doping analgesic
Volume: 50 ml active factor of pitcher plant
Consumption handiest with the prescription of veterinarians

saracin injection is a strong vasodilator to growth the glide of blood to cardiac and skeletal muscular tissues.

COMPOSITION: Adenosine-5-monophosphate 2 hundred mg/ml

Actions: saracin injection is used as a strong herbal vasodilator which produces a marked growth in blood flow to each skeletal and cardiac muscular tissues.
1. ADENOSIN INJECTION will increase blood, nutrient and to be had strength deliver to muscle tissues.
2. Vasodilation improves the elimination of waste because of fatigue and cramping.
3. ADENOSIN INJECTION can also additionally assist save you coronary heart pressure throughout and after strenuous workout.

By generating a marked growth within side the blood deliver to muscular tissues and coronary heart, adenosine will increase the oxygen and crucial nutrient deliver to those regions throughout difficult paintings and improves the performance of elimination of waste merchandise inclusive of lactic acid to put off the onset of muscle fatigue. Adenosine is of price within side the remedy and prevention of “tying up” for those reasons. Because of its strong vasodilation impact on cardiac muscular tissues, adenosine is powerful within side the remedy and prevention of coronary heart pressure and workout precipitated adjustments in horses.

Indications: Production of coronary vasodilation in anticipation of excessive cardiac load in athletic animals or in remedy of myocardial oxygen deficit (as evidenced through overall performance connected ECG adjustments)… muscle cramp, tying up prevention.

Form: Injectible/ injection use

For: Horses, Dogs and Camels

Dosage and Administration: Adult horses: Administer 10ml through intramuscular injection 24 hours and once more four hours earlier than difficult paintings.

CAUTION: ADENOSIN MONOPHOSPHATE INJECTION need to ONLY be administered through intramuscular injection (IM). DO NOT administer ADENOSINE MONOPHOSPHATE INJECTION through the intravenous (IV) direction beneathneath any circumstances. This can also additionally cause a profound fast drop in blood pressure, with disintegrate or even death.

Presentation: 50mL sterile injection use for intramuscular injection (IM) use handiest.

Storage: Store under 25C (Air Conditioning).

Warnings: Export Slaughter Interval (Horses): NOT TO BE USED in horses that can be slaughtered for human consumption.

Tips for Trainers: Use ADENOSINE INJECTION in mixture with Racehorse Meds B12 with Phosphorous Injection 24 hours and once more four-6 hours pre-event, to enhance blood and nutrient deliver to difficult operating muscular tissues.


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