X2 energy, Is a product based on Methylprednisolone Acetato 4%,

X2 Energy is preset for camels and competition horses.
Is prescribed as a training product, it´s not usually used in official careers because Methylprednisolone is easily detected if used in the last 3 days before the race, so it can be used only up to 3 days before the race.

  • X2 Energy give the sustained sensation in the time of vitality and energy
  • Resulting in astounding performance in training and lack of fatigue.
    Is widely used in endurance careers without substance detection.
  • Relieve pain of joints and muscles in animals subjected to extreme work and continuos races, so it is also used from mid seasons and end of seasons, where accumulated fatigue and injuries are more frequent, always with the precaution of suspending it before official races at least 3 full days (72 hours).
  • For inexperienced users, it is advisable to suspend 5 days before the race!!


15ml vial inyectable solution


Methylprednisolone acetate 4000mg

Exp 100 ml


M.P.A. 40 mg/ml or 4%

Dose for horse and camel:

Regular dose in horses: 5 ml/day IV (You can IM, but absorbs slower) , Treatment for 3-5 days , Suspend 3 to 5 days before the race.

Regular dose in Camel: 4 ml/day IV (You can IM, but absorbs slower) , Treatment for 3-5 days , Suspend 3 to 5 days before the race:

  • If other glucocorticoids are used, suspend 5 days before the race
  • If no other inflammatory product is used, with suspending 72 hours before the stroke, the organism will have excreted detectable doses for positive doping.
  • Maximum: 10 ml/day
  • Minimum dose: 1 ml/day
  • If X2 energy wants to be rapidly eliminated, the best route of administration is IV, because IM administration usually slows the absorption and excretion process.


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