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Fe (as Dextran complex)

Vitamin B12


– Prevention and treatment of anemia in calves and piglets.


For intramuscular or subcutaneous administration

– Calves, goats, sheep: 1ml/ 10 kg BW, subcutaneous injection in the first week of age (4 – 8 ml/ head).

– Piglets: 2 ml intramuscular injection at the first 3 days of age. In necessary case, interval dose at 21 days of age.

Withdrawal time: None

Contra-indication: Do not use for animals with vitamin E deficiency, diarrhea; Do not combine with Tetracycline.

PRESERVATION: Store in a cool place and keep out of direct sunlight.


The economic breeding of animals is only possible by preventing diseases, when they can grow and gain weight as quickly as possible. 

Iron deficiency anemia (iron deficiency), especially in piglets, is the direct cause of the greatest losses of breeders. As a consequence, the animals become listless, with decreased appetite, reduced resistance to bacterial infections, being exposed to diarrhea, paratyphoid infections, salmonellosis, in addition to others caused by germs present in the environment. 

Iron, although required in minimal amounts by the body, is of vital importance for the normal functioning of tissues and all organs of the body. 

Its deficiency causes a decrease in hemoglobin content, below normal physiological conditions. Young animals are born with a very small reserve of iron. Breast milk, in turn, is a poor source of this element and, for this reason, the young, especially those raised on a cement or wooden floor, should receive iron supplementation. 

FERDEX B12  – dextranic iron injectable solution, associated with vitamin B12 is formulated to ensure the availability of iron for the body, in its most assimilable form, acting in the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia, especially in young animals, ensuring greater resistance secondary infections. 

Its superior efficacy is proven, because once administered, it enters the bloodstream, being quickly assimilated.

Elemental iron (in the form of ferric hydroxide 
in a dextran-iron dextran complex) ……………… 10.00g
Vitamin B12 ……… ………………………………….. 1000.00 mcg
Vehicle qsp … ………………………………………….. ..100.00 mL

Treatment of iron deficiency anemia in young animals, piglets, calves (calves) and lambs.

Piglets: 2 mL on the 3rd day of life
Calves *: 4 mL
Lambs: 2 mL
* On an exclusive dairy diet

Intramuscular injection only

Do not apply to horses. Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, and out of the reach of children and pets. Like any injection, use sterile equipment and obey aseptic rules.


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