cyanocobalamin injection


Product Description
This product belongs to Metabolism promoter, roborant or tonic. No toxicity, no irritation, safe and green. Mainly improve Metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and fat, promote the composition of erythrocyte so as to accelerate the growth. Make the pigeon’s muscle firm and flexible, protect liver and kidney, make body strong.

Administration and Dosage

During pairing period:

Male pigeon Oral. 2ml for each one

During training period:

Oral, 2ml for each pigeon, twice a week.

Sick pigeon:

Gavage, 2ml for each pigeon, or inject 1ml , once everyday, until strength recovered. If vomiting, add water(5-10ml) to dilute.

Product Feature
animal injectable cefquinome sulfate injection for cattle, sheep, horse

Antibacterial drugs for animal

Product Specification / Models

Cefquinome sulfate 2.5%

100ml/bottle, 6bottles/foam box, 10 foam boxes/carton

50ml/bottle, 10bottlevials/foam box, 8 foam boxes/carton

Application / Models
1.Eliminate tiredness, increase flying ability.

2.Improve muscle flexibility, enhance endurance.

3.Specific medicine for restoring strength.

4.Shorten the molting period.


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