Riboxin [Inosine]


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Riboxin Inosine Pharmacotherapeutic group:

metabolic agent.


Pharmacological properties:

Riboxin is a derivative (nucleoside) of purine – the precursor of ATP adenosine triphosphate. It belongs to the group of drugs that stimulate metabolic processes. It has antihypoxic and antiarrhythmic effects. Increases the energy balance of the myocardium, improves coronary circulation, prevents the effects of intraoperative renal ischemia. He is directly involved in glucose metabolism and contributes to the activation of metabolism in hypoxic conditions and in the absence of ATP.

It activates the metabolism of pyruvic acid to ensure the normal process of tissue respiration, and also contributes to the activation of xanthine dehydrogenase. Stimulates the synthesis of nucleotides, enhances the activity of certain enzymes of the Krebs cycle. Penetrating into the cells, it has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the myocardium – it increases the strength of the heart contractions and contributes to a more complete relaxation of the myocardium in diastole, as a result of which the stroke volume increases. The mechanism of antiarrhythmic action is not fully understood.

Reduces platelet aggregation, activates tissue regeneration (especially the myocardium and gastrointestinal mucosa).


Metabolized in the liver with the formation of glucuronic acid and its subsequent oxidation. In small quantities excreted in the urine.


Riboxin [Inosine] Indications

Comprehensive treatment of myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias caused by the use of cardiac glycosides, on the background of myocardial dystrophy after infectious diseases. Liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty degeneration). Surgery on an isolated kidney (as a means of pharmacological protection when blood circulation is turned off).

Riboxin Inosine Composition

1 ml of solution contains:

active ingredient: inosine (riboxin) 20 mg,

excipients: propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfite anhydrous, water for injection.


Colorless or slightly colored clear liquid.


Inosine is marketed under different brands and generic names, and comes in different dosage forms:

Brand name Manufacturer Country Dosage form
Riboxin-SOLOFARM solution
Riboxin injection 2% Grotex Ltd Russia solution
Riboxin Dalkhimpharm Russia ampoules
Riboxin BPMP Belarus pills
Riboxin injection 2% BPMP Belarus ampoules
Dosage form

Pills, Solution, Ampoules

Brand & Manufacturer

Riboxin{BPMP Belarus}, Roboxin-Solofarm, Riboxin Injection 2% {Grotex Ltd, Russia}, Riboxin {Dalkhimpharm, Russia}, Riboxin Injection 2%{BPMP Belarus}

Package Size

200 mg, 50 pcs, 20 mg/ml 10ml ampoules plastic 10 pcs, 2% 10 ml 10 pcs


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